About Rosaline

Stories by Rosaline have a gloomy tone which combines fantasy with horror and dread.

She was born in March in South Africa, but also lived in Namibia, Republic of Ireland, and currently lives in Northern Ireland with her family, the ghost of Alvin the chatty cat, an African Chiclid named Sebastian, and a Chinchilla, named Dusty.

Rosaline Saul is a pen name of Lynette Ferreira.

At the end of 2019, Lynette created Fiction for the Soul (an imprint) and decided to separate her teen horror books from her teen sweet romance fiction and teen fantasy stories

After she separated her horror books from her sweet romance books, she decided to move all her urban fantasy stories to a new pen name, as well.

She couldn't think what to call her new pen name, so she went to an anagram site where she tried to refigure her name into a new name. The site gave her: Eileen Irene Fry. She thought this was an awesome pen name, but then decided against using it for her teen fantasy fiction.

This meant she had to take another trip back to the anagram site. She entered her dad's first name and her mum's first name. The site spat out the name Rosaline Saul, and immediately she loved it.

It just sounded like someone who writes fantasy fiction.

It was like it was all meant to be!

The author photo Lynette chose for Rosaline Saul is a photo of her, taken when she was 27 years old.

Rosaline's books are published by Fiction for the Soul.

Books by Rosaline Saul